Monday, November 11, 2013

Open Letter from The Colgate Committee on Athletics

To the Colgate Community,

Colgate University has had a long history of being a top-tier academic institution, with a demanding liberal arts education, and also competing at the upper echelons of collegiate athletics. This striving for excellence both in the classroom and on the playing field of Division I athletics is one of the unique features of our institution.  Certainly, the pressures of academic and athletic excellence can lead to some conflicts, but the Colgate community has a history of working together to try to help all students achieve their full potential.  As part of our strategic planning process undertaken over the last two years, a review of Colgate’s intercollegiate sports reaffirmed that Division I athletics was an important part of who we are as an institution, but also noted several areas that needed additional study, including times when academic and athletic pressures conflict.

The Committee on Athletics, a subcommittee of the Academic Affairs Board with representatives elected from across the academic divisions, serves as both an advisory board to the Athletics Division and to review and develop policy pertaining to athletics at Colgate. This Committee has been charged by the administration to review several aspects of the student-athlete experience.  As part of this process, we are currently examining a broad range of data about scheduling, performance, etc. and will seek input from Colgate students, academic faculty, and athletic faculty.  We look forward to working with each of these groups to consider how we can best continue to support the mission of this institution.  

The Colgate Committee on Athletics

Jason Meyers, Associate Professor of Biology
Chair of the Committee on Athletics

Janel Benson, Assistant Professor of Sociology

Vicky Chun '91, MA '94, Director of Physical Education, Recreation and Athletics/Associate Professor

Ann-Marie Guglieri, Senior Associate Director of Athletics

Jason Kawall, Associate Professor of Philosophy and Environmental Studies

Kenneth Segall, Associate Professor of Physics

Trish St. Leger, Associate Provost

Ex officio members:

Ryan Baker, Head Coach, Volleyball

Ken Belanger, Raab Family Chair and Professor of Biology
Faculty Athletics Representative to the NCAA

Douglas Johnson, Associate Professor of Psychology
Patriot League Policy Representative

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