Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Revised Editorial Policy

Revised editorial policy:

The mission of the Colgateaaup blog is to provide a space for debate, the expression of ideas, the raising of awareness, and the sharing of information—in short, to provide a forum for conversation among Colgate faculty.

·         Each post will now bear a disclaimer: “The above post does not necessarily reflect the opinion of the AAUP membership or that of its officers, nor does inclusion of the post on this website constitute an endorsement by the Colgate chapter of the AAUP.”    

·         We will expect that all who submit posts will sign them.  We will, however, consider petitions to publish anonymously on a case-by-case basis.

·         We will accept posts only from Colgate faculty members.  We will accept comments from outside, but also reserve the right to remove comments that are defamatory, insulting, or off-topic.

·         We will continue the blog’s commitment to the exercise of free speech by Colgate faculty.  Believing that vigorous exchanges of ideas are valuable, we will publish almost all submissions that are related to matters of interest to the faculty.  But we also will use editorial discretion to ask for revisions or to refuse posts that contain the following elements.
o   Personal attacks against an individual or group, as distinct from policy disagreements.
o   Reports of private conversations.  (Public statements made before a group are fair game.)
o   Demonstrably inaccurate statements of fact.

The emerging etiquette of blog writing calls for a poster to provide a link to any other blog that is cited.  Therefore, in the spirit of giving credit to others, and with the aim of providing access to the original material on which a poster comments, we ask that links to quoted websites or other documents be provided if at all possible.

Please direct all new posts to any member of the executive board:
Jeff Baldani
Rick Geier
Connie Harsh
Nina Moore
Peter Tagtmeyer
Bob Turner
Lenora Warren
Eddie Watkins